For the Ladies

Be honest ladies, what are some of the worst case scenarios that can happen to us women while travelling for 9 months?

Perhaps like me, these crossed your mind...
  1. You get the worst period of your life, mid plane/train/car/anything ride. Even the usual toiletries won't save you this time. Neither will all the jerseys in the world wrapped around you. It can happen - and not in the safety of your own bathroom. 
  2. You get the worst period of your life (again) but this time in someone else's AirBnb home and it looks like a crime scene when you wake up. Sure, in your bed you can scrub the crap out of that and tell yourself you don't see any stain. But in someone else's bed, different story. We want to be good guests after all!
  3. You get pregnant and as much as your ovaries may be jumping at the news, you foresee the flaws. Besides, your travel insurance doesn't even cover that and you'll have an actual baby or at least a nearly ready baby. Not ideal for the pretend high travelling life. But aww, babies are blessings. Yes ok. But just not now uterus ok?! 
  4. There is no toilet around. Or worse, a portaloo or only the side of the road and your peeing while squatting game is pretty weak and even though you're all about loving being a woman, in these times, you curse all the males in your life. Anyone else? Or is it just me?  
So I tried to prepare for these worst case scenarios before we left:

  1. Menstrual cups. You do not want to sit on a long flight/train ride/car ride without proper precautions and since these are cheaper in the long run, environmentally friendlier and last longer (12 hours at a time), how can you lose? Our sponsor AliExpress sell them extremely cheap - just make sure you get various cups and practice well before you leave because not all menstrual cups are made equal! If this solution doesn't work for you, the disposables are there. Just make sure you always carry some everywhere you go, regardless of the time of cycle. Pack them in every bag, including your travelling companions. They'll love you for it.
  2. I bought a queen-sized mattress protector that has a bit of a topper on it in hopes it would hopefully take the brunt of this worst case scenario. It was small enough to take and would be beneficial throughout the entire trip, regardless of your period.
  3. Options to avoid this. Voluntary celibacy for me, involuntary celibacy for him. Easiest. Orrrr sort out your birth control ladies. Whatever works for you. No exotic babies coming from me! And if you're lucky enough with your birth control choice, it could solve problems 1 and 2 as well!
  4. I hate terrible toilets. So I bought disposable toilet seat covers! Like, a lot of them. And for the moments when we aren't near a toilet or the toilet is just that bad, I bought a she-wee. A funnel device that women can use to pee standing up. I didn't practice this before we left because... eww. Lastly, I bought some disposable pee bags that have these crystals/beads in them so when you pee in them (or throw up), it absorbs it then you seal it and throw it away. Hopefully I don't have to use those last two! Only last resort use for desperate times... 
This is not an inappropriate pic... just a pee funnel!

You're welcome ladies!!

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