Tuesday 31 July 2018

It's not all roses...

Q: Would you recommend long-term travelling, like what you guys are doing? 

A: Yes to travel but long term? My answer would be "It depends". 

Wednesday 25 July 2018

4 THINGS TO KNOW: Bologna, Italy

We didn't stay long but here are a few things to know we picked up.

  1. Research before you get there if you want to go into the ZTL. Permits can be bought before driving through the no driving zone. We bought you permits at a specific supermarket but I'm sure there are some scattered around. They are €6 per day. They have a code to text to a certain Italian number with your car rego number. I'm not sure if you need an Italian number for this to work because we used our Italian SIM. If you have no need to go into the ZTL, no driving area, just don't. Parking is hard to find and it's not worth it. There are buses that go through the city that we saw.

FAMILY REVIEW: Bologna, Italy

VENICE (again)

We caught a ferry from Pula across the Adriatic Sea back to Venice. We didn't stop in Venice besides taking a bus to the Marco Polo Airport (paying full price... see rebellious trick from our Venice review).

Sunday 15 July 2018

10 THINGS TO KNOW: Pula, Croatia

  1. In Pula, it says they have Uber but there are very limited amount of cars available so it's best to just use a taxi service. If your hosts can call one for you, bonus! If not, you can email them an enquiry a few days in advance and they can confirm times, day and cost - that's what we did. Also, Pula doesn't have any food delivery service.

FAMILY REVIEW: Pula, Croatia


In trying to keep costs down, we booked a bus with FlixBus from Venice to Pula. Their website said they had free wifi and USB plugs and a toilet on every bus. They only had the wifi.

Monday 9 July 2018

FAMILY REVIEW: Venice, Italy

Our time in Verona came to an end and our next stop was Pula, Croatia. But with a quick one-night in Venice because... Venice!

10 THINGS TO KNOW: Venice, Italy

  1. Venice City (the area you would want to visit) has only one road in and out as they are a cluster or islands just off the shore of the greater Venice area.