Monday 28 May 2018

FAMILY REVIEW: Verona, Italy

Verona is a beautiful city. There are a lot of historical things to see in Verona that are completely fascinating for adults but there may not be a lot for children within the city area.

Bear in mind that Hadrian is 10 years old. So not a baby, toddler or a newly started Primary school child. He is old enough to behave himself when he has to but young enough to tell us when he's had enough - without throwing a tantrum. He's old enough to walk longer distances but only if he's carrying nothing. There is so much a 10 year old can take of walking and old buildings and cobble roads and more poses in front of another old something.

Also bear in mind, we were in Verona for a month, so we were able to do things a little at a time and incorporate things in his study. But the following helpful tips and information can still help if you're not in our special situation!

Thursday 10 May 2018

EXPLORING BY PICS: Week One - Verona, Italy

Even Hadrian loves a good explore. Nevermind that he took photos of a Mercedes instead of the church behind it.......

Their crossing guys are just
like the traffic lights:
red, yellow and green

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Week One - Verona, Italy

First Impressions

Highway driving vs city driving is different guys. Even if we're following the leader. On the highway, no one uses their indicators. In the cities, they still don't unless necessary and it's much more casual. At times it seems a little free-for-all.

Why Verona, Italy?

We get asked that often.

Wednesday 9 May 2018

ARRIVAL: From Milano to Verona

After rushing through the Abu Dhabi Airport, we learned we needed to do things a little differently...

Monday 7 May 2018

STOP OVER: United Arab Emirates

The UAE (not to be confused with the EAC... from Finding Nemo), was our stop over on our way to Italy. We purposefully chose this as our stop over and purposefully chose it to be 20 hours. In hindsight, I may have made it a longer stay over to just catch up on sleep plus have enough time to see what we wanted. It wasn't enough time for both. We made do with our choice though!

But back to the stop over...

Sunday 6 May 2018

How we nearly DIDN'T get here

I like reading honest blogs so I want to tell you the honest truth.

Life is hard, man.

It may seem like we are living a grand ol' life but it's harder than it looks to up and travel for so long. It felt like everything was trying to stop us from going, or at least making a miserable time of it.

Travel Block #1: Trying to sell our car. We were so close to cutting our losses and selling it for so much less than our spreadsheets had hoped for because of some rip off artists trying to squeeze as much as possible from us. It would have put a damper on our plans and I would have had to accept the dread of shared bathrooms in hostels or worse, we may have had to push a lot of things down and even accept defeat. It was a heavy stress to carry with weeks to go. Luckily, with some much needed advice, it sold just over a week before we left. It was such a blessing!