Thursday 18 October 2018

10 THINGS TO KNOW: Scotland

  1. The further away you go from Edinburgh, the stronger the Scottish accent will be. Edinburgh was still strong but the higher we went up the country, the stronger it became. But even when we were in Stranraer, south-west of the country, the accent was still pretty strong. We found ourselves nodding and smiling sometimes when people talked to us and we had no idea what they were saying.
  2. Travelling around Europe and the UK, we have been able to use our contactless card with no issues except when we arrived in Scotland. All through Europe and England, we weren't asked for a signature even during paywave payments but once we hit Scotland, it seemed standard.
  3. Some of their road signs are both in English and Scottish Gaelic - especially when you are in the Highlands. It's awesome!
  4. We did not come across any road tolls in all of Scotland. And Scottish drivers are pretty courteous and stick to the rules. Their petrol, like England, is frickin expensive!
  5. If you're looking for typical Scottish souvenirs, Edinburgh is the place for you! Everywhere you can find souvenir shops. Everywhere.
  6. Try Haggis - or at least let someone in your travel party try it on your behalf!
  7. Since you're still in the UK, the £ is still used. That also means they still measure differently... miles instead of kms, pints sometimes instead of litres while also sometimes measuring in litres. Petrol in litres still. 
  8. Nowhere in Scotland did we feel cautious about scammers and pick pockets. It doesn't mean there is no danger in Scotland but compared to other places in Europe, it felt safer. 
  9. Their food is similar to NZ with just as much richness in their dairy and great taste in their meat. Still pretty pricey but their produce is pretty cheap!
  10. Scottish weather is cold but nothing us Kiwis aren't used to - at least during their Autumn. Cold and windy? Yes. Cold rain? Also yes. Some sunshine in between? Of course! Prepare for the cold wind and rain with usual weather gear we're already used to!