Airports and Airlines - Milan Malpensa Airport

Since we were only able to stay in Europe for 3 months to start with, we prepared in advance with tickets out of Europe to show we were being legit legal. So we were prepared to be asked questions.

We weren't.

We went through customs extremely fast. We were not scanned once - not us nor our carry on luggage. The longest we spent there was waiting for our checked in luggage.

When we picked up our luggage and moved on, we expected we would be checked then since we weren't checked before it.

We arrived at a point where it gave you two options: Something to Declare or Nothing to Declare.

If you chose Something to Declare, I assume you would go towards staff who would check what you had.

We went through the Nothing to Declare area and no one was there to check if we were lying or not.

It led us straight out to the arrivals area. We were pleasantly surprised at the ease of it.

Their bathrooms also need work. Actually, the entire airport needs a bit of a spruce. We expected it to be busier and larger than it was. But it was good in a way that it wasn't busy and we were able to slowly work our way through it at our own pace. Their signs were sufficient to where we needed to go and all the car hire areas were all run efficiently.

All the staff we came across spoke English and signs were both in English and Italian.

You must pay for a luggage trolley here.

Milan wifi was painful to connect to compared to others. You need to sign up via email address, like most airports, but then you must check your email address immediately with the very short, limited wifi they give you and validate your email address before this limited wifi cuts you off again and you can't access anything. Once you validate your email address, you're fine after that. Just make sure you don't waste that very small window of limited wifi... something we learned the hard way.

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