Saturday 12 May 2018

HADRIAN'S REVIEW: The Burj Khalifa

I can't believe we had the chance to go up the Burj Khalifa!

The ascent

Apparently the elevator trip up the Burj is the longest trip in a single elevator. I wouldn't be surprised! The Burj broke about three records during building. Or so I heard. But one especially amazing thing is that we ascended 124 levels in one elevator trip! ONE!

And I think someone said that you could stay up the Burj until midnight, but I'm not sure.

The top

Getting up the top was amazing. The view from outside almost made me feel like I was in an airplane, slowly descending onto the runway. Everything looked so small from above! It was soooo crowded outside though, and all around the windows it felt like a contamination zone with everyone taking photo's from the top. But the thing is, there's a floor above level 124. It was nice to get up there. One, because there was air conditioning, and two, pretty much everywhere you looked there were windows, so you could see from an even higher view than you could from level 124.

There was also a Virtual Reality thing you could do, where you did things that made that experience sort of remind you of the movie Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. You got to climb up the Burj, and then jump off it into the huge fountain below (which apparently is a piece of art, so you can't take any photo's of it). After I did that, we headed back down and started driving back towards our hotel.

I fell asleep in the car, then woke up just before we parked by a public beach and my parents got out and took a photo in front of a thing called Burj Al Arab. 

The only other major thing we did was take a swim at the pool in our hotel in Abu Dhabi. It was nice there. 

RATING (out of 5): ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐