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Not gonna lie, not my strength, don't have the patience... but Hadrian is an easy child to communicate with and he is smarter than I was at that age so... he can basically teach himself it could possibly be quite easy!

We didn't plan to have a strict day to day schooling schedule because we weren't being monitored and we wanted to incorporate as much of his surroundings into his learning. But we looked up what is expected for year 5, 6 and 7 students to make sure he achieved them. All these resources can be found online.

We set must do subjects: Maths, English - including reading. They were to be studied and practiced daily. Other subjects we hoped to learn on the go in every place we went: Languages, Geography, History, Science, Coding and Music.

We only bought four workbooks mostly for transits and invested in a laptop for him to work on. Books were to be purchased online. Coding would be learned through Nathan and online courses. History in the cities we were staying. Geography, the same. Science we hoped to find some science museums along the way and most things sciency can be done in the back yard or online anyway.

Languages would not just be picked up around him but hopefully he could learn languages in advance that we would need. Even basics through Duolingo would be helpful and keep his mind ticking. Counting money and changing currency is another sneaky way to teach maths.

We bought a cheap and portable, fold-able piano and a DVD to help him learn the basics in music.

Music on the go!

Each fortnight we plan for him to contribute to this blog and give a presentation on a place, a person and a monument which would cover a lot of subjects into one.

Besides that, we didn't think he needed much else. Wish us Hadrian luck!

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