How We Got Here - Spiritually

This was the most important one! In between living in a foreign country, learning to communicate, trying not to blow our budget, trying not to strangle each other, trying to work and learn while wishing we were on a full time holiday, we also needed to put our spirituality at the top of our list. With our motto of being open minded, respectful and trying new things, we had to commit to putting our spirituality first or else what is the point? For real.

So we committed to being open minded in a foreign language ward and try our hardest to understand as much as we could without feeling sorry for ourselves and frustrated.

We committed to being respectful to those who will try to communicate with us at the various wards we will visit.

We committed to trying new things including speaking a language we didn't know even if we sounded like an Italian toddler (who am I kidding, they would still know more than us!).

We committed to continuing our family routine of the home fundamentals: prayer, scripture reading, family home evening and attending church as often as possible. We had the luxury of being in one place for a month so we have the luxury of continuing our routine.

We made sure our temple recommends were valid. Even if we didn't get the chance to go into a temple. But we're hopeful that we could get the opportunity at some point.

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