How We Got Here - Transport

There are trains all through Europe that we could utilise. You can get unlimited rail passes which made sense if you’re single and doing a lot of travelling on consecutive days over a short period of time like a week or even a month. That was not us. Multiply the cost of a rail pass by 9 months and 3 people and it quickly starts to be more economical to get a car.

We looked into long term car lease plans where you'd lease it for the entire trip and return them at the end but it required a lot of cash up front. We also needed to balance the flexibility of a car with the practicality living in tight city spaces - where parking is expensive and roads are narrow. So, having weighed it all up, we decided that when we're in transit from city to city, we'd rent a car, then we'd use local public transport and walk as much as possible during the month.

We'd seriously recommend a car rental comparison site like which will offer you the best deals often allowing you to book way in advance to get the best prices and pay on pickup.  They are currently offering you a USD$30 voucher by signing up using my friend-get-friend link.

In some transitions we used FlixBus and when we crossed the Mediterranean Sea, we booked a short ferry because… why not!

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