How We Got Here - Visas

Firstly, we had to realise this wasn't a full time holiday (sigh) and Nathan had to work and be able to access wifi. We couldn't travel from city to city on a weekly basis as it would easily throw out Nathan's work routine. So we planned monthly to give us some quiet work time and mainly transit at the beginning of every month to a new city and a new adventure. It worked perfectly with the timing of pay day, accommodation costs and visa requirements.

With our monthly plan in place, we saw no need to get a visa.

There are a group of countries in Europe (Schengen area) with an open border agreement within which we could stay for 3 months at a time, visa-free, courtesy of our NZ passports. Lucky us!

With our passports, we are only allowed a maximum of 90 days in any 180 day period - meaning that after our first 3 months in the Schengen area, we would have to leave and will not be allowed to return for another 3 months. If we stayed any longer than 3 months or return within 3 months, we would have required a visa.

So, we planned accordingly: the first 3 months was to be in Schengen Europe, the following 3 months in the UK and the final 3 months back in the Schengen. It worked out well!

We've watched enough Border Patrol episodes to know that it was a good idea to book our flight out of the Schengen area to the UK before even arriving as evidence we weren't illegal and overstaying. We also printed every single accommodation and transport booking we had so far as well as every legal document so they could basically steal our identities with the information we would give them!

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