Monday 9 July 2018

10 THINGS TO KNOW: Venice, Italy

  1. Venice City (the area you would want to visit) has only one road in and out as they are a cluster or islands just off the shore of the greater Venice area. 
  2. Venice is also known as Venezia to the Italians.
  3. When you see things online telling you summertime is the worst time to go to places like Venice, it is truth. Very busy, very hot. 
  4. Scams are present. Watch out for anyone that approaches you to sell you things or give you some story (whether happy or sad). Say no thank you (no grazie) and move on immediately. Also keep an eye on your belongings. If scams are present, so are pick pocketers. 
  5. There are no seats in the main Piazza San Marco. Nor any shade in the centre unless you go and eat at a restaurant. There is shade around the Piazza but still nowhere to sit except the ground. 
  6. Venice City does not have a ZTL (no driving zone) as there are no driving roads there! Basically once you hit Venice City, that's the end of the road. Mostly buses, trams and trains are used to get you there. However, there is a ZTL in Mestre which is close to the main train station outside of Venice City but still in the larger Venice area. 
  7. Public transport tickets must be validated when you enter the bus or water bus. There are machines at the front of the buses (sometimes a little around the corner from the entrance) and before the water bus waiting area and you must hover your ticket over the panel for it to be validated.
  8. It's expensive! All transport (whether public or private) is quite expensive! Prepare for that. So are all the restaurants around the Piazza San Marco who also charge extra service fees to sit down. Pack a picnic or search for cheap food places. But if you have the budget to splash out on transport and food, then go for it!
  9. If you are staying in a hotel within the islands of Venice, be prepared to take private water taxis to your accommodation or if you want to walk there instead, there are services offered around the train station where they have trolleys to take your luggage to your accommodation - but they do cost money as well.
  10. Fun fact: Certain water streets in Venice have such exclusive real estate that only a few and certain old Italian families that are noted on an old list can purchase homes on those exclusive water streets. If your family name is not on that list then you're a commoner like the rest of us!

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