Wednesday 4 July 2018

10 THINGS TO KNOW: Verona, Italy

  1. They do not have Uber or Uber Eats.
  2. They do have Deliveroo though!
  3. They have a shared rubbish system with recycling bins outside on the streets. Whenever your bin is full in the house, take it to the bins on the street.
  4. Verona is loud. All hours of the day, there is noise—the worst being emergency services. Those sirens are crazy annoying. If it’s not the emergency services then it’s the loud motorbikes.
  5. Paid street parking is free on Sunday! Blue parking squares are paid parking. White parking squares or parking with no lines is free. Yellow is disabled and you can be towed.
  6. You can buy your bus tickets directly on the bus or from Tobacco stores (shops that have a big “T” sign outside). Cheaper if bought in a tobacco store than on the bus. Tickets need to be validated on the bus by putting them into a slot on the ticket machine as you enter.
  7. Their buses can be late or not show up at all. Google Maps has real time updates on buses in Verona - something that we found was not Italy wide.
  8. They have bike rental stations throughout the city. Cheap and easy if you are good at cycling.
  9. Verona has a ZTL (no driving zone) in the city centre. Be aware of that before driving across any bridges to get into the city. If you are renting a car, the fine for driving in a ZTL will be sent to your address filed with the rental company. I'm not sure how to get a permit in Verona to drive through the ZTL.
  10. Weather was crazy unpredictable when we were there in Spring. Beautiful sunshine in the morning, suddenly lightning and thunder then sunshine again.

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