Sunday 15 July 2018

10 THINGS TO KNOW: Pula, Croatia

  1. In Pula, it says they have Uber but there are very limited amount of cars available so it's best to just use a taxi service. If your hosts can call one for you, bonus! If not, you can email them an enquiry a few days in advance and they can confirm times, day and cost - that's what we did. Also, Pula doesn't have any food delivery service.
  2. We arrived in Croatia knowing zero Croatian. It's good to know a few basic manners but you will survive knowing little to no Croatian (Google Translate says "hello" is "zdravo" but in Pula, a lot of people just say "ciao" so ignore Google).
  3. Food there is quite cheap! Eating out is also cheap if compared to Italy. Be aware that when you eat at restaurants, like most of Europe, if you ask for water with your meal it is not free.
  4. Invest in water shoes if you go to Croatia! Their beaches are so beautiful but they are pebbled. Some bigger pebbles than others. You'll see the shoes being sold in a lot of places and wonder why... and now you know! It's too sore trying to enjoy the swim while your feet are getting cut up.
  5. Croatian highways are tolled and their tolls cost more than Italy's tolls - even with the currency rate. But the roads are great to travel on. 
  6. Unlike some Italian drivers we've shared roads with, Croatian drivers are road rule followers, use their indicators, are patient with other drivers, not much road rage or beeping (from what we saw).
  7. Croatian currency is called Kuna. When written, it's HRK - the HR meaning "Hrvatska" which is Croatian for Croatia.
  8. Kuna converts to about NZ$0.25 (as of June 2018) which means it may seem expensive seeing HRK100 but it's only about NZ$25. 
  9. Croatian ATM machines, like other ATM's, have a minimum amount you can withdraw. Some are HRK100, some HRK 200. But there are ATM machines everywhereeeee.
  10. Carry little change if you can as a lot of places we went to just didn't have any small change. Sometimes we were just given change to the nearest dollar and the shops had to bare the loss.

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