Wednesday 25 July 2018

4 THINGS TO KNOW: Bologna, Italy

We didn't stay long but here are a few things to know we picked up.

  1. Research before you get there if you want to go into the ZTL. Permits can be bought before driving through the no driving zone. We bought you permits at a specific supermarket but I'm sure there are some scattered around. They are €6 per day. They have a code to text to a certain Italian number with your car rego number. I'm not sure if you need an Italian number for this to work because we used our Italian SIM. If you have no need to go into the ZTL, no driving area, just don't. Parking is hard to find and it's not worth it. There are buses that go through the city that we saw.
  2. They have cheaper food options within Bologna city. We found a food market that had a lot of options. No service charges and delicious food! The one we went to was called Mercato di Mezzo.
  3. Bolognese sauce is known as Ragu. 
  4. For car enthusiasts, there is an option to go to the Lamborghini Museum or the Ferrari Museum (or both) - as both are in the region of Bologna. 

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