Wednesday 4 July 2018

6 THINGS TO KNOW: Lake Como, Lake Lugano, Lake Garda

  1. The roads around Lake Como are narrow! The narrower the car, the better for your health!
  2. Como City is busy. If you want to stop there, plan in advance where to stop. They also have a ZTL (no driving zone) so prepare for that as well.
  3. Crossing the border from Italy in Switerland is easy. It seems random checks are done so be prepared.
  4. Lake Lugano still have Italian signs and Italian speakers and in some places they can still take Euros. However, their official currency is the Swiss Franc.
  5. Once back in Italy, just past Como on the highway is the busiest toll booth ever that slows the traffic to a stand still.
  6. Lake Garda has many restaurants around the lake and can be very touristy.

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